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Build an Anti-racist Company Through Art and Action

We know that companies are striving to be on the right side of history. You’ve already committed to diversity, equity and inclusion work and now you’re wanting to level up your anti-racist practice and policies.


Oakland Freedom Theater is offering a package of 4 interactive, virtual experiences for corporations committed to anti-racism. 

What You Get In This Package

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An initial 60-minute coaching session with your leadership team to assess your company culture right now.

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Three separate 2-hour theater performances with enhanced learning for each race-based affinity group within your company. 

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One 2-hour Integrating Experience for all staff to build empathy & trust, share learning and prepare for the on-going work as an anti-racist company.

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A final 60-minute coaching session with your leadership team with recommended next steps toward long-term practice and policy change.

Why Start in Separate Racial Groups?

As a multi-racial team, you may be noticing that different leaders inside your company are needing different things.  Some are learning key terms and building awareness while others need space to heal without being asked to educate less-informed colleagues. The diversity of needs and experiences during this racial uprising in our country is likely impacting your company culture. It may be difficult to know how to respond effectively. Race-based affinity groups are an important place to start.

In race-based groups, we’ll  process your company culture now, learn what’s needed, and build skills for allyship and resilience.  Each affinity group will use personal stories and antiracist theory & frameworks to explore the following:

Team members who identify as Black will address:

  • What labor or lift does it take in order for you to keep coming to work at this time?

  • In what ways to you feel supported in this company and what could shift to make you feel more valued?

  • What do you need in order to keep working here?

  • What would help you feel connected to the team while honoring your identity?

Team members who identify as Non-Black People of Color (i.e. Asian, Latinx, Indigenous, Pacific Islander) will address:

  • How do you see this group being treated differently than your Black or White colleagues?

  • What do you need to feel more valued at this company?

  • In what ways do you have a unique kind of privilege?

  • How has anti-Black racism in yourselves or your families affected you?

Team members who identify as White will address:

  • How has white privilege, implicit bias and structural racism lived in you?

  • How have you acted as an ally that went well?

  • When did you intend to be helpful but the impact on the person of color was harmful?

  • When did you receive racial feedback that was hard to tolerate? When were you able to take it in?

  • What actions will you take toward becoming anti-racist?

How Oakland Freedom Theater is What’s Needed Now

Oakland Freedom Theater offers a plug and play virtual experience that allows for deep work to take root, even during the chaos of a pandemic and racial unrest.  We amplify the diversity, equity and inclusion work you have already been doing by creating a safe and mutually respectful space for Black, Non-Black People of Color and White affinity groups to convene.  Inside these intentional groups, leaders and staff tell personal stories that illuminate moments of marginalization, oppression, allyship or inclusion.


As theater artists and DEI consultants, we play these stories back on the spot as a virtual performance, affirming the storyteller's experience, building empathy and trust inside the team. Allies are invited to take this work a step further with a learning enhanced performance and follow-up coaching to take action. A final experience integrates all 3 affinity groups to build cohesion and trust across identity groups.

Personal Stories play a vital role in anti-racism work.

For People of Color, storytelling serves to:

  • Invite Relief: Telling personal stories in race-based groups creates a safe space for being our full selves without having to prove or justify our perspective. When our lived experiences are seen and believed by peers, it invites healing and metabolizing of pain and collective trauma.

  • Honor our Leadership: Our brilliance, resilience, knowledge and expertise becomes centered and seen. With full permission to bring our intersectional identities forward, we reconnect to our sense of power, agency and potential. 

  • Build Resilience: Connecting through our stories reminds us of our individual strengths and collective progress. We’re able to advocate for our needs and contribute our ideas with more confidence and ease.  

For White people, storytelling serves to:

  • Invite Vulnerability: As a group watches people they know and respect tell a personal story, their hearts and minds melt.  Empathy and humility are automatically activated, releasing the need to be perfect, stay protected, and not overexpose. Courageous honesty becomes the model instead.

  • Interrupt Overintellectualizing: Folks are often thinking about a problem and not feeling.  When we allow room for feelings, we activate a different problem-solving modality. We pause the impulse to rationalize the conditions, ask for data, and need more examples of a problem.  

  • Generate Urgency: Hearing the ways exclusionary practices impact and impede others generates urgency for root cause analysis and problem solving that shifts behaviors AND systems.

Benefits You Can Expect with our Art and Action package

With the investment in this 4-part package, you can expect team members to feel more supported, connected and empowered during a time of nation-wide division and upheaval. You can expect a more positive morale and better productivity. Most importantly, you can count on a team who is more prepared to work together in the on-going work of anti-racist practice and policy. The diversity, equity and inclusion work you’ll do together as you continue to diversify your team will take root and be more effective. Quite simply, your company will become a better place to work.

Your Investment:


Oakland Freedom Theater Virtual Anti-Rac

10 ACTIONS Non-Black Allies Can Take Right Now Toward Becoming Anti-racist


LISTEN to Black people on-line and in person.


WATCH this video by Emmanuel Acho.


TEXT “JUSTICE” to 55156 to demand officers be held accountable for George Floyd’s death.


Read Kelsey Blackwell's explanation of Why People of Color Need Spaces Without White People 


MARCH with protestors in your area alongside folks Showing up for Racial Justice (SURJ).


READ these articles posted by Dismantle Collective + donate to their work.


REFLECT personally using the Smithsonian Museum’s prompts to Talk About Race.


STAND UP to racism on-line and in person.

Booking this Package with Oakland Freedom Theater

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