Sangita Kumar

Design Architect

Sangita (she/her) is a Founding Member of Oakland Freedom Theater, Principal and Founder of Be the Change Consulting and a member of the Living Arts Playback Theater Ensemble. She holds a Masters Degree in Organizational Development, is a Certified Life Coach, and completed a two-year certification in Somatics and Trauma. Sangita is most free when she’s facilitating a room of freedom fighters.

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Allison Kenny

Artistic Director

Allison (she/her) is a Founding Member of Oakland Freedom Theater, Co-Founder of the “Best for the World” certified  B Corp, Spotlight: Girls and ensemble member in both the Living Arts & San Francisco Playback Theater companies. Allison is an actor, author, master teaching artist and recent producer of So Get Me, the podcast for families making change with the GRAMMY-nominated Alphabet Rockers.  Allison is most free when she’s practicing radical self care while parenting her daughter with special needs. 

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Lynn Johnson

Executive Producer

Lynn (she/her) is a Founding Member of Oakland Freedom Theater, Co-Founder & CEO of Spotlight: Girls, a  “Best for the World” certified B Corp with mission to educate, inspire, and activate girls and women to take center stage. Lynn is a speaker, facilitator, and coach supporting social entrepreneurs and Girl Advocates to take bold and brave steps towards gender and racial justice . She is also the co-founder of the Dismantle Collective, a group of business leaders working to dismantle white supremacy and create a new inclusive economy for all.  Lynn is most free when she’s giving a speech that inspires folks to laugh, cry, and take action.

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