Renewal is coming. What do our BODIES need to move on? Let’s sit in the quiet, dark winter and listen to what still wants to be expressed. How did we survive 2020? Who was lost? When did love show up the most?

This evening of playback theater will honor our survival. It will transform our stories into art and give us space to exhale in community. In this transition between 2020 and 2021, let Oakland Freedom Theater step into the moment with you. More light is coming.

WHAT: A playback theater performance on Zoom. Black-identified and Non-Black POC folx will share stories from their real lives and we’ll play them back on the spot with theater, music and poetry. Multi-racial audience members are welcome. 70% of all ticket sales are reserved for Black-identified folx, Indigenous and People of Color. White folx encouraged to come listen, witness & support.

WHEN: Friday January 8 , 7:00-8:30pm EST/4:00-5:30pm PST


WHERE: The Zoom Zoom Room


WHO: Ensemble features...

  • William Chalmus

  • Ricardo Perez Gonzalez

  • Lynn Johnson

  • Allison Kenny

  • Sangita Kumar

  • Arianna Wheat



$25 Individual Tickets

$750 Corporate/Organizational Packages for a team of 10 - As part of your diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, you will receive resources that will allow you to reflect on the show and integrate your learnings as a team. Because this space is focused on the stories and experiences of Black and other people folks of color, we ask that at least 7 of your 10 team members identify as people of color. To purchase this package, you can purchase 10 separate tickets here or you can contact us to set it up.

In the dark this winter? We're listening. Let’s watch.

Photo by Kazuo ota on Unsplash


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